Planning a trip to Italy, Rome and Lazio off the beaten path

Hidden Lazio is an English-language guide to the unsung wonders of Italy, Rome and Lazio.

Planning a trip to Italy

A trip to Italy is the dream of a lifetime.  Here’s what Hidden Lazio has to say:

  • Itinerary – taking the path less trodden pays dividends
  • Budget – you needn’t spend a fortune
  • Accommodation – living like a local is best
  • Practicalities – try to pack light but be smart
  • Transportuse trains and buses between cities and a car elsewhere. Try carpooling to meet the locals!

Maybe you are on a quest to find your Italian ancestors, have always dreamed of getting married in Rome or want to know how to go about buying property in Italy.

Or you just love Italian food, wine, gelato, art and architecture, history and landscape, sea and sunshine.

Hidden Lazio will help you plan your trip to Italy, Rome and beyond, whatever your personal quest. If you want to ask practical questions about your trip to Italy, Rome or Lazio, please join my FaceBook group, Hidden Lazio and Rome.

Juliet Haydock

Juliet has owned and managed two holiday homes just north of Rome for over 16 years. She’s a fluent Italian speaker (her day job is as a translator) and uniquely qualified to help others wishing to live or travel in Italy, Rome and Lazio.



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