Welcome to Hidden Lazio

Hidden Lazio is an English-language guide to the lesser known delights of Italy’s Lazio region and its capital city, Rome.  I wrote the first articles in response to questions asked by visitors to my two holiday homes just north of Rome, and then the site grew as I started to explore the region with the specific purposes of finding out more.

I hope it will help people plan their trips and consider venturing beyond Rome and off the beaten track. If you want to ask practical questions about your trip to Rome, please join my FaceBook group, Hidden Lazio and Rome.

If you’re not sure where Lazio is or what it consists of, please see the information on the right – or at the bottom, depending on the width of your screen.

The site is very much a personal view of Lazio – and is a labour of love rather than the work of an expert. It has come about as a a result of many years living in and visiting Lazio and helping visitors to my holiday homes plan their trips for the last 12 years or so.

Unlike its neighbours Tuscany and Umbria, Lazio is relatively unknown to visitors despite its huge variety of attractions, some of which are described on the Places page. These include seaside, mountains, lakes, Etruscan treasures, splendid and surreal Mannerist homes, gorgeous gardens, hot spas, Roman remains, walks, ski resorts and much, much more.

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I welcome any feedback, corrections, suggestions and queries.  For more information on the area, you might like to browse the official Visit Lazio website, if you haven’t already seen it.

Juliet Haydock