Save ALL our Italian villages!

A recent village to Cività di Bagnoregio didn’t leave me with the sentiments I quite expected. After returning from what has now become a pristine theme park with beautifully restored buildings, reverent tourists and manicured pathways, it was a disappointment to return to my own much-loved village (also 2500 years old and also perched atop a crag) and note the signs of neglect: weeds growing between the cobbles, cat poo and graffiti.

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Baccalà (and stoccafisso)

When I first came to live in Rome in the 1980s, one of my most vivid memories is the great tanks of soaking baccalà or salt cod in the neighbourhood alimentari  or grocery shops, especially on Fridays. There were fewer supermarkets then, and more Italians observed the Catholic practice of eating fish (or rather abstained from meat) on Fridays.

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Wines and wineries of Lazio

Lazio may not shine particularly brightly in the pantheon of Italian wine production but it offers a series of interesting wines, produced with indigenous grape varieties and, even if the potential has still to be exploited with greater determination by the producers, the quality is exponentially increasing every year. The recent DOCG appellations for Cesanese del Piglio (in 2008), Frascati Superiore and Cannellino di Frascati (in 2011) are definitely proving this new trend in the region.

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