Jubilee Church

The Jubilee Church or Chiesta di Dio Padre Misercordioso (Church of God the Merciful Father) is located in the neighbourhood of Tor Tre Teste. This somewhat down-at-heel area of northern Rome outside the city walls is located near the university and also home to many migrants in temporary housing.

I was taken to the church as part of an inner-city walking tour organised by Sentieroverde, a Lazio-based hiking group that is a member of the excellent Federtrek national hiking and environment organisation.

Though consecrated as a Catholic church, it has a decidedly un-Catholic stripped-down non-denominational feel in order to welcome the diverse faiths of the Tor Tre Teste area.

It was designed by the US architect Richard Meier, who won the contract in 1996.

The gleaming white church is designed to look like an airy ship with soaring sails.